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Tiger parts clear out. 1991-98

Started by Noddyhd, May 06, 2020, 08:37:15 PM

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Parts found in garage during clear up..... I sold my brilliant tiger last year.

Rear disc in very good condition, no wear.
Rear calliper, mounting bracket and torque are all in used, but good condition. All rubber part will need renewing, all threads good and loose.
Two brand new and unused replacement (Yamaha) fuel taps imported by me from USA.
Disc £50
Calliper etc  £100
Fuel taps £30 each.
Or disc and calliper £125.
All plus postage.
\'98 Steamer in BRG.
\'81 HD Wideglide.
\'85 HD Wideglide.
\'74 GT750 \'Kettle\'