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Does this belong to someone we know?

Started by JayDub, August 31, 2015, 11:48:42 PM

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I spotted this on the 'Triumph Tiger 900 - T400' Facefook page, what's with the headlights... they seem to bulge.


Your eyes would probably bulge too if you had to drag that around with you  :ImaPoser

PS. Love the 73 Yammie 250/350 in the background.

PPS. Isn't that our friend's bike from down under...? The Steamer, that is.
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That chair looks pretty compact I thought... especially from the passengers point of view. mean the one with the airbox mod?


It's Tripodtigers

The headlights don't look as bulgy in this photo, but he's def got some sorta dome covers on 'em
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Just proves I've been doing other stuff for such a long time, eh.

The headlights have clear stone covers over them, that's all.  Easy fit, just used some black Silastic around the edges.

What else have I been doing?  Historic Racing (Period 5) on a couple of LC Yamahas.  One is a pretty standard 350, with fibreglass bits on it.  The other is a 350 with TZ wheels, FZR forks and TZ750 top end.   

I went to Europe last year for 3 months and, would love to be over there again, for longer.  The missus and I were just amazed, astounded, add your own superlative for how good it was.

My XS11 is in pieces.

I've rebuilt a scrap heap TTR250

Bought and sold a couple of utes and trailers.  In fact, I picked up my Isuzu D-Max yesterday.  It will be dragging my slide on camper, tandem trailer and sidecar or solos to where ever I feel like driving over the next few years.

The sidecar will go back on the road, as soon as I sell the Jolly Green Giant (955), which I have most regrettably realised I can no longer safely man handle at walking pace.  I dropped it the other day, doing a tight right U turn, because my right leg just didn't want to work.  Then, for the first time every, I couldn't pick it up alone.  Someone will get a thoroughly enjoyable motorcycle.  And the speedo is working again.

Before I forget.  The RD250 turns 50 in 2023.  Hope to have it fixed up properly by then.

Geez I got a lot to do.  No time for reading through forums without having a purpose.

cheers.  Next time.
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