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A Trophy for the man cave

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Not quite yet on the road, but getting there. . My 'free' 1993 Trophy 1200 with 17,000 miles on the clock. £1400 in to the project so far, including new rear YSS shock, new trailing link, re-chromed front forks, rebuilt brakes all round, new seals, pads, braided hoses, clutch & brake master cylinders rebuilt, all fluids changed, rebuilt carbs and the list doesn't stop there.

Never ridden or even sat on one of these, so still have that pleasure to look forward to.

That looks like a sweet bike! I love that colour.

Just been reading about your Ducati, similar story to this. This one's not turned a wheel in anger for 12 years. You can read the full story here if you wish.


There's other stuff, mostly related to my Tiger too.

You really ought to put that on the forum. So much easier for more people to get inspired by it! ;)

I'll post the whole story in a new thread.

I actually have it all written up in a separate file, with photos, it's just finding the time while I'm working.


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