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Well, I can get mine out on the road without problems. However, it won't do much. :D And if you look at my calendar, that is not going to be fixed soon...

Hmm, let me think, spending hours in a darkened garage trying to trace a fault on a Ducati, or test riding shiny new bikes in the sunshine?

Shame work has to interfere too.

I'm sure you won't be too far behind me Ghulst  :thumbsup

Hahahaha, I am actually seriously considering taking it to a specialist to have it done. Just because I like riding shiny bikes much better and this one is getting on my nerves. ;)

I think Tabitha is almost there. Yes, I know I've said this before but every time I roll her out of the garage, I find something else that needs doing.

I had her out of the garage on Wednesday & while looking at her, realised there were a couple of things making her look a little ... er...scabby.

The footrest hangers are all corroded as is the grab rail. Courtesy of Sin, I have a spare set of footrest hangers, so took them of to the powder coaters to have them done the same colour as the wheels. this is not too far off the frame colour & should look good once they're back & swapped over with the originals.

I didn't think the grab rail would look as good 'frame' coloured, so I've now sprayed it satin black, which pretty much matches up with the seat, those black plastic bits on the side fairings and the cockpit area.

I'm still on target to have her on the road by 27 July, when my Tiger's insurance is due, and the cost is just a little over £2k (£1600 if you exclude general service items like tyres fluids, filters etc.).

I may have mentioned that I find somethign else to do every time I wheel her out of the garage.

Well, it happened again yesterday. the oil pressure warning light didn't light up when I turned the ignition on. It could be the bulb or the sender. I've got tome to investigate though.

Nah, it wants to get out so badly, that it already had oil pressure. ;)


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