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Yep, got side panels, they'd been removed but were in the shed. Only thing I didn't get were the fairing bolts, which I now have.

I did have a small compressor and could have loosened off the brakes, but there were 5 of us, so it was easily manhandled out of the garden & on to the trailer. Once I got it home, my brother & I manhandled it onto the bench.

To be honest, I didn't really think about removing the calipers as we managed to get it rolling.

Always better to get it rolling. ;) I like to inflate the tires, so that I would be able to get those friends to join me on one of those trips again. ;)

This is going to be good  :new_popcornsmiley

Tabitha, not named after the cat that customised the seat by any chance  ;)

The coatings on the casings look very good, don't they put salt on their chips in Milton Keynes?

There is a reason for the name, not cat related but all will be revealed later.

The engine casings aren't too bad, even close up although not perfect.

It wasn’t in the best of condition, not surprising really and a quick glance showed there was going to be a lot of work to get it back anywhere close to roadworthy. First look showed:

* The seat needs replacing
* The fork seals had gone
* The forks were rusty
* The brakes needed rebuilding
* The fuel tap needed replacing
* The fuel filler cap was seized
* Tyres needed replacing
* Fairing bolts were missing
* Battery was dead

I could also see that the chain was rusted and the entire bike was covered in spider poo, cobwebs and dust/dirt of varying sizes. I even found some straw tucked behind the rear shock.
On the plus side everything seemed to be there aside from the fairing bolts. After taking copious photo’s, I shut the garage door and left it while I put together a plan.


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