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Well, apparently mechanical revenge is a beautiful thing... ;)

I have enough trouble riding modern bikes, wouldn't know where to start if the clutch/gears were in a different place (although I did once own a Suzuki TS100 whose clutch was relocated to the lane at the foot of our garden).

Well done Phil, nice to see the hard work was worth it.

I heard a rumour that some of those accessories are still available for sale at Trump Rallies  :augie

Geoff W:
Dr Maz Harris used to knock around with a friend of mine , when Maz was doing his PhD. My friend Chris has no interest in bikes, but he took Maz and a few others on a canal barge holiday in the Midlands. They would cruise from pub to pub by day , settle in a pub for the night. In the morning they would fire up the boat, take a load of amphetamines to clear the mental cobwebs and set off for a couple of hours cruise to the next pub. They managed a fortnight of that and returned the boat in surprisingly good condition.


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