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Moving back to Stock Pipe


Hi all. I must be getting old! I have come to the conclusion that I am over having a loud bike. I have refitted the stock exhaust, so am happy there. I previously had a Low level Storm GP pipe with K&N Filter and dog bone removed running Tune 20551. It was a great set up. With the refitting of the stock pipe it still runs great but does seem pretty rich. I tried 20550 but it had a massive flat spot between 3900-4100rpm. Looking at giving Dave's tune ago but from the factory the NZ 07's never had SAI. Would unchecking the box be all thats needed? It appears when that Tune was developed Dave had the SAI blocked anyway during set up. Regards Cloudy

ooo, Keihin Fuel Injection, bit modern for this site, Pilot Jets is more up their street :ImaPoser

Just kidding, but you'll probably get more feedback on 1050.com forum though

I would think that more changes would be needed than just unchecking a box. It now essentially a different setup and it would make sense that it runs very rich. After all, you have removed the aftermarket exhaust that allowed the engine to process more fuel and airflow together with the K&N. So, your best bet is to exchange the map for a map aimed at a stock exhaust and a KN filter if that is readily available...

Anyway, My bike doesn't like Dave's tune. Ran fine at highway speeds but bogged down a lot around town. I guess the open airbox and filter are to blame. Back to 20551 as she runs just fine on that one. Its been interesting as I seem to be a bit of a fiddler and over time have tired all sorts of tunes and just keep coming back to 20551. So that's what she will run from now on.

I had the latter "Official TOR" loaded on my '09, can't remember what the number was  :icon_scratch: It ran really nicely, better than the original factory map, even on the stock can, no flat spots, no pull away fluffs and the plugs were perfect at the next service. I had a high Zard penta on it later and it didn't need any tweaks at all, I was very happy with the way it responded without doing anything else.


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