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Tankbag options

Started by the slow heart, July 19, 2022, 11:39:04 AM

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the slow heart

Hi guys,

needed some advice which tankbag security mechanisms fit my tank cap - 885i Girly.

I can't check the fit myself and look for online order. Givi's have nice bags, but their tanklock system doesn't list my bike model. Can't decide about SW Motech either.

Do 885i and 955i share the same tank cap?
Some online catalogues list the 955.


Nice to see a newer thread on here...

I've got a Wolfman Ranier tank bag on my 955i.  Fits just fine if you don't mind a bag that straps around to attach.  Not sure if the 885 and 955i share the same cap.  You could probably compare the part numbers on WorldofTriumph or some place like that to be sure.  I did and they look like a match.  The Givi tank lock system is quite nice, but I just didn't like it for my bike.  It does lock on nice and solidly, though.  I needed a bag I could stuff full of things.  The Givi bags seemed more hard-shelled than I'd have liked.  Still debating buying tank panniers from AeroStitch for the overflow things I occasionally have.  I think I'd get more use out of panniers on my tank than the rear panniers I never ride with.

the slow heart

Riding mature bikes has its own charm  you know :friday

Since I liked Givi xs308 most, just ordered the securing bracket BF-02 first. Fit was perfect, size and orifices, so the bag was ordered next. Quite happy with the outcome, obviously cap dimentions were kept at least to 955i.


That's a nice looking bag.  Enjoy it!   :__

the slow heart

Tankbag went a few thousands km testing, so fair words have to be given.

No any defects or problems showed up,
the tool serves well it's purpose.

As with any such bag, fueling is a bit cumbersome especially if gadjets cables pass by. The locking mechanism eases the task as expected. Top compartment left for map/ tablet as being closed by just velcro accepts moisture, if bike is left outdoors at night damp. I had wet paper maps few mornings despite bike being under cover. The  top zippers operate a bit difficult due to their sealing lips and at the place where bag profile curves it is even trickier to move them if not held properly to keep the line curvature.

Apart from these small peculiarities, the bag quality is nice and it's functional design is very convinient.

One more thing I can't judge is it pro or con: Without the bag I was very pleased to float standing forward in comfortable balance at about 130 kmph. With the bag, being not soft one, it is not possible to balance that forward and speeds above 110 kmph standing result in upper body fatigue.