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Trike with Sidecar

Started by TigerKing, April 04, 2021, 09:37:51 PM

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I was passing a bike shop in Christchurch (Barrack Road) yesterday and parked outside was a pre 2020 Rocket the had been converted in to a trike but it also had a sidecar affair going on. 
It was very weird and I was wondering has anyone seen a this bike or something similar, it had a plain glossy cherry red paint job. 
Wish I'd taken the wife's wrath on the chin and turned around for a photo. 
A very intriguing machine!
Life is short !


Go back when she's not looking  ;)

Sounds a bit weird and I've seen plenty of weird  :nod Merlin Sidecars in Pity Me have done a lot of one off's with sculpted bodywork over the years.

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