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New boots & Panties

Started by Lee337, April 05, 2021, 01:33:22 PM

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which I seem to remember was an album by Ina Dury & the Blockheads.

Anyway, Sunday was  nice & warm so I took the bike out for a short run. It also gave me the opportunity to test out my new Richa Slick boots I bought a couple of weeks ago and some Bull-it cargo jeans that have been sitting in amongst my bike gear for a couple of months, just waiting for a warm day.

Both felt a bit weird at first as I rarely wear anything but either lethers or my Alpinestars textiles when riding, so wearing what effectively is a pair of jeans felt odd.

Combine that with my Richa boots, which are more or less ankle boots instead of my more usual full boots, also made for a different riding experience, not bad, just different.

I now have some new summer gloves on order, Richa Rock gloves which should be here by the end of the week, just in time for the rain to reach South Lincolnshire, so I may have to wait a little before I get to test them out.
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Nick Calne

Good for you! New gear is always a win
Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?


Can anyone give me any feedback on boots from I'm currently looking at the shop and I love the price that they are offering. Any suggestion is acceptable.