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New Tyres on Today

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Put a new set of Pilot Road 5's on the Sport today. Took her out for a quick 50 mile spin and they feel good (on a slowish ride while I get them run in) especially compared to the Road Angles I took off. Road Angels never felt as sure footed as Michelins and after repeated punctures, three on the rear in less than 500 miles I decided to change the pair.

Will let you know how they go once run in and once we have had a bit of rain to give them a proper test.

Nick Calne:
Very interested in this tyre.  Keep us posted.


500 or so miles on the tyres now (wet and dry). Really like them, they grip really well and turn progressively so am happy with them and depending on wear would definitely buy again. On the wear front, after 500 miles they still look like new.

To me much more confidence inspiring than the Road Angels they replaced but that could just me me!

Good feedback  :thumbsup :icon_salut:

Indeed, whatever makes you happy, just don't tell the other half or she'll find a Facebook post saying it's bad for you  :blah


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