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Fuel gauge quit

Started by badrooster, June 26, 2021, 03:45:19 AM

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05 tiger fuel gauge quit working.  When I filled the tank to make sure there was enough, I found a black 1 inch long cylinder floating at the top . Time for a new sender, or repairable? :^_^


I don't think new ones are that expensive, less than £10 I seem to rmember.

The fuel gauges are notoriously prone to failing, although mine seems ok most of the time. I believe a lot of owners just reset the trip meter each time they fill up & then fill up again at around 200 miles
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New senders here in the States are about $100. Fast Eddy can get one to you.
I've had a couple fails, but never had one come apart like that.
I've even read that the erroneous level is more of a grounding problem, and I tend to believe that now after my 2nd replacement started acting up after a few fill-ups.
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Champagne bottle cork? They used cork floats in cars for many years.
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I chased down all these electrical gremlins years ago and it's all good now.  The other bikes I ride with all have less range then mine. I'll weigh the 100$ against a 2500$ bike . It has 93k and when the engine blows I'll just bury it with honor.   :icon_salut:
For now, it runs perfect and only uses 6 oz oil per 1000miles.