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Riding my Steamer NY to CA and back April and May 2021

Started by ssevy, June 13, 2021, 05:31:29 AM

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Thank you both!

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It would be fantastic to have such a travelling opportunity without ferries and languages to contend with.  I've done short Alps and Pyrenees trips, and speak a little French and German, maybe I just need to get on with it.   :icon_mrgreen:

Thanks for taking the time to write it up for us :icon_lol:
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Where abouts in NY did you start and finish at? I live Upstate and have a few Tigers. Im in Syracuse.
Thanks to "those who we cannot mention",  Im keeping my Tigers outfitted for Mad Max world, coming to a hometown near you in short order.


Epic trip mate.
Thanks for educating this tiger owning Aussie on a two way journey across your vast country.
I did my epic trip from Darwin NT to Sydney NSW on a '73 750 Ducati in 1978. Wrote it up a few years ago. Unfortunately very few photos survived. 
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Regards Russ
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