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So Yesterday( Saturday) I was given a day pass, and decided to look at some Bikes, either a used Bonnie variant or RE Interceptor, and decided to pop to Triumph Brooklands to see some at The Triumph dealer... Bloody waste of time....They are sterile palaces to selling, imho 3 used bikes in the whole store...Then I thought, I know, I'll ride across London to E2 to Look at some Enfields at TTT motorcycles.
Well, you would have thought Covid was fully cured, soo many people, and I didn't know there was a march on, but anyway, the heat from the xc was insane... I have set the fan temp to 93 using Tigertool, but heck, so much heat....
I must be a liar, because my pantaloons felt like they were ablaze...( for the non English, its liar liar, pants on fire...)
Got to E2, couldn't park, and ended up riding home after 5 hrs in the saddle, and less than 60 miles....
Anybody ride an efi Bonnie? because the Tiger is not suited to the heat of the city, well it probably is, but I was not...

Chris Canning:
If I had to do any serious city riding, i’d Wheel my XT660X out, not only easy enough to look after and more than able to look after themselves performance wise, and they certainly do not get hot and bothered.


--- Quote from: London_Phil on June 27, 2021, 03:09:10 PM ---...They are sterile palaces to selling, imho 3 used bikes in the whole store...

--- End quote ---

Couldn't agree more, might as well be in an Audi showroom  :icon_confused: When did Covid end, they haven't told us in the sticks   :nono

I never experienced that with the XC and I've been stuck in jams in the tropics many times  :icon_rolleyes: Could it be something else?

My Thruxton isn't a fair comparison but when it was stock I used it in Singapore traffic a fair bit and it was fine. I've ridden a few other Bonnies and they are fun if a little innocuous in stock trim, the T100 is the best in my opinion. It's hard to make a comparison without a fan kicking in or a temp gauge, although air / oil cooled they have two oil pumps, one for the gearbox and the other just for the motor. They're not the lightest of machines but you've owned a Steamer  :augie

I'm liking what I'm reading about the RE 650's.

Nick Calne:
The mistake is living in London. Move to the country and enjoy both speed and the cooling effect of the passing airstream.  :ImaPoser

I can partly relate to what you are saying, but how on earth could you be riding through London for FIVE hours? I once tried to get out of London on my Honda Transalp without a proper map or GPS on my phone and even then it took me less time to get out of the city. ;) (And I’m a Dutchie and don’t live there.)

Anyway, joking aside, I have never experienced heat in the way you describe it. I have had warm legs on hot days, but not ablaze. Might be a good thing to check the radiators and fans over and check the coolant flow…


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