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--- Quote from: Nick Calne on June 27, 2021, 09:15:44 PM ---The mistake is living in London. Move to the country and enjoy both speed and the cooling effect of the passing airstream.  :ImaPoser

--- End quote ---

Am looking, but prices up 20%..

But they are in London as well, aren’t they?


--- Quote from: ghulst on June 27, 2021, 09:40:18 PM ---I can partly relate to what you are saying, but how on earth could you be riding through London for FIVE hours? I once tried to get out of London on my Honda Transalp without a proper map or GPS on my phone and even then it took me less time to get out of the city. ;) (And I’m a Dutchie and don’t live there.)

Anyway, joking aside, I have never experienced heat in the way you describe it. I have had warm legs on hot days, but not ablaze. Might be a good thing to check the radiators and fans over and check the coolant flow…

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 there and back, as it were...West London-Surrey-Surrey East London-East London-West London...
Bike running perfectly, rad removed and cleaned when RR upgraded, fresh coolant, and all working fine...Suspect that fan is on for longer as switch point set at 93 from 103, which is standard, I think...


--- Quote from: ghulst on June 27, 2021, 10:19:39 PM ---But they are in London as well, aren’t they?

--- End quote ---

Buying a second home....or at least trying.....

Chris Canning:
Blimey boys we really are stuck in a time warp...it’s 2021.. all the show rooms are the same...it’s only taken 70 years to get away from the oil and sawdust synario...


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