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Valve adjustment tool or complete cam removal?

Started by 2wheeladdict, July 10, 2021, 12:24:02 AM

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I decided I should do a valve check on my 01 Girly for which I have no service records and was just curious if it's easier to adjust the shims with the dealer tool or by completely removing the cams...?

All previous bikes of mine have been bucket over shim necessitating cam removal so I am familiar with it...just trying to weigh the effort of timing/tensioning it etc against paying $100 for the tool.


If you're confident, just remove the cams. If any shims need replacing, the tool won't let you do more than a couple before you need to move it, so if there's a few valves out, it's probably easier to do it without the tool.

I have the dealer tool but haven't used it yet, my 64k miles Tiger didn't need adjusting,

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