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Customizing my Tiger 955i

Started by An-tonio, August 20, 2021, 11:56:50 PM

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I'm like a children with his new best toy :)

I'm starting to really love this fantastic bike. Getting in love with my Girly. And like every love relationship it's time for gifts. I have a looooong list in my TODO that thank to all great info in this and others great forums I think I'm in the good direction to get one of the best possible bulletproof adventure/touring bike.

Gifts for this week:

- Delkevic exhaust
- TuneEcu with 10121 (TOR map)
- SW-Motech Center Stand
- Lower FootPegs
- Handlebar raiser
- Renthal 787 handlebar
- Aftermarket higher variable wind protection (MRA style)
- Custom gel and higher seat adition


Looking good.

I have a Blueflame exhaust on mine & found a sheepskin to put on the seat for longer rides.

I thought about new footpegs but decided to keep the originals.
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Hi  :icon_biggrin:,

Good to see you on this forum too.......some great technical knowledge and people on here for 955's  ;)
Safe Riding.



Welcome aboard.  Glad you're getting some nice goodies to make it your own.  It's addictive.   :wheel


Yes, customizing is addictive but my bank account will be worry :)

New handguards and custom front fender extender:

Bixxer Bob

Some good mods there already An-tonio.  One to think of, up one tooth to 19 on the front sprocket and cut the baffle out of the airbox. The slightly bigger sprocket drops the revs by about 500 in 6th and removing the baffle (plus the TOR map and your new exhaust puts the power back where it was.

Don't try to dismantle the airbox to remove the baffle because the screws are not meant to come out and you'll ruin it. Most folkeither use a Dremel or punch it out in pieces.  If you're worried, I have a,spare box somewhere you can have for the price of posting it.
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Thanks Bixxer Bob for your comment.

The airbox mod is in my TODO for the 20mil kms service (I'm now at 14500). Also I already have a new series compu-fure regulator to replace stock one, I prefer to stay safe and it's know as a possible failure in any moment. I also added a VoltMetter to keep an eye con voltage in every moment.

I have also removed the O2 sensor and added mushroom crash protections. The bike is going really fine with 10121_CustomMap, it's addictive.


Quote from: An-tonio on September 02, 2021, 04:52:42 PM
The bike is going really fine with 10121_CustomMap, it's addictive.

They do that to you  :thumbsup
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Chris Canning

Want to bring your 955 into the 21st century  :icon_biggrin: fit a 17" front wheel, must be cheaper ways to do it than the Dymags I put in mine 15+ years ago, but the old girl can still do a turn when she has too.

Full floating Beringers also help  :icon_lol:


I'm an off-road guy, the tiger is not for that but... I'm more near an upgrade to 21 than to 17  :wheel