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Running problems

Started by Archie, September 04, 2021, 02:00:44 PM

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Hi I have a 2002 tiger 955i and I think the ecu needs to be re maped as the tick over is slow and it runs lumpy there is also a bit of vibration through the frame any thoughts would help cheers

Nick Calne

Hi Archie. Someone will know how to fix that no problem.  They'll be along shortly. You'll get a better response if you post this question in the technical section however. Don't be surprised if a mod moves it there too.
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Might not be the map, it could be the IACV hoses, or the throttle bodies need balancing, or contaminated fuel, blocked air or fuel filter, even old spark plugs. Do you know if there's any service history?

That'd probably be my starting point
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Quote from: Lee337 on September 04, 2021, 06:43:46 PM
Might not be the map, it could be the IACV hoses

That'd probably be my starting point

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Bixxer Bob

Sorry to be late to the thread. All of the above.

Do the simple stuff first.

I'm assuming it's had a good service first ie new plugs, oil ait filter and that the connectors and coil sticks are in good condition.l (no cracks in the epoxy).

There's a hose runs from the airbox to the ECU. Check its connected and there are no leaks. The grommet where it pushes into the airbox is favourite. It should be a good fit. It matters.

Check the IACV hoses for splits, leaks and fix those next.

Finally, balance the throttle bodies.  Its the single best thing you can do to calm a grumpy Girly. They go out of sync really easily.

If, after all that  its still lumpy, a map refresh will reset all the trims and that should work. No point in refreshing the map till you're sure there's no other problems.
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Chris Canning

Everything this lot have said...there used to be an Off-road map available just to give the motor a bit more gist, even after all the above has been done mine too this day has 2 tick overs depending how it feels on the rare occasion it gets wheeled out.