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Trickle charging and side aux socket

Started by p.fishman, November 28, 2021, 01:07:56 AM

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Does anyone use a winter trickle battery charger? What is a good one, what sort of current do I need, is 2 amp enough? Is there an adapter I can attach to the side accessory socket?


I like C-Tek, XS 0.8 will do the job fine for our batteries, not the cheapest but pretty reliable on anything but a serious dud. Not sure about connection through the accessory socket on a Girly, direct to battery is the most reliable option.
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I have an Oxford Optimiser which does the job. I bought a Hella connector so I can plug it direct in to the bike socket. The original socket that came with the Optimiser was a standard cig lighter type, but I bought one on line which has an adapter so it fits both Hella and Cig lighter type so I can use it on either bike if I want to (that is once I repair the electrics in the garage)
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I've got three C-Tek XS 0.8'en for the bikes etc. and they all work great. I also love their connector options, so I plug the BMW one into the extra power outlet underneath the seat, had a cable direct to the battery on the Tiger and the Ducati and need to figure out what to do on the KTM, but that will come.
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