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What about the final speed cut in the current and subsequent models?

Started by Giemelos, May 24, 2023, 11:44:15 AM

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Hello for some time 2 months we have been discussing our own club (Greek Tiger club) about the issue with the final speed cutter something that has already raised Stormy reactions from all members as well as from other European Tiger clubs as well as from other parts of the Earth where we are told the same complaints!
The entire Greek community and the 3 Greek independent clubs Triumph we agreed to send on their behalf and as the official representative of the Greek clubs i.e. on behalf of all 3 clubs Triumph Tiger Greece, Triumph Greece, Triumph Hellas greek Club.
We sent to the headquarters the complaints collected all as well as the changes required by the public and members of the current and subsequent Tiger 1200.
We also pressed further and the central Greek representative / seller in Athens where a positive result was obtained and responded positively and which sent them a letter of recommendation explaining the current needs of the owners and candidates Tiger 1200 riders where they do not want this final top speed limitation of the top speed that intervenes electronically.
This has made us furious all of us!!
Honorary member of the Central Committee and official representative on behalf of the 2 Greek clubs and the 1.Association of Greek Triumph owners (and as also 2.Greek Tiger Club ) and fanatical members is based in Athens numbering about 15000 + members and throughout Greece.