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Silly Baggage!

Started by Nick Calne, December 20, 2021, 03:33:04 PM

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Another option could be a aluminium luggage plate on the back for a luggage roll. If you are never using a top case, it will never be in the way and a roll bag would be the easiest to pull off as well...
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Quote from: Nick Calne on December 22, 2021, 01:23:51 AM
Sin, i have thought about removing the handles and replacing with a fabric strap type. Ivor, I think mentioned this to me. It remains an option but does mean losing the rear rack too, which would be a pain when I want to go into touring mode.

I was thinking more along the lines of a metal fabrication for those reasons.

The other US makes I was trying to remember are "Wolfman" and "Tusk", pricey before you figure in the shipping. I stumbled across a Polish made system by "21 Brothers" which is along similar lines.

I confess to being something of a bag whore  :icon_redface:   I hope nobody stumbles upon this thread thinking it's a handbag forum  :rfl
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I have two ally side boxes that came with the bike but never used, a dry bag that was a tenner from Aldi and is still going strong ten years on, and an ally top box that I bought after the bike which is large enough to bath a large dog.  It looks ungainly, but doesn't noticeably affect the handling. However, I take Nick's point about riding off road.

In sum, this comment has added zero value to Nicks post :icon_lol:
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