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Tiger 900 Steamer won't start

Started by macjaffa, March 12, 2022, 01:30:21 PM

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Quote from: ghulst on March 14, 2022, 08:39:38 PM
Welcome to the forum! Not going to add anything useful to this whole list of posts. But I wanted to just say hello and hope you get the Tiger sorted.

Your welcome was useful.  Thank you!


Thank you for the help everyone, started!  I meant to start it all gently, but I must admit I forgot myself and indulged in a few excited revs, rather quickly, but it idled happily for 20 minutes.  Didn't start again after that, but I think I've lost the sprag clutch.  Would it even start with the sprag clutch gone, though?

Now it has at least started, I assume it's worth a little more effort.  I'll grab a Haynes manual and hopefully a sprag clutch...I guess I have to look into that now.  I can take the case off the engine on the bike's right hand side, so I'm assuming I'm one of the lucky ones who don't have to remove and split the engine. 

There is a 1996 sprag clutch available this fine for a 1995 Steamer?

Nick Calne

If I get a chance I'll see what the parts manual says. But I guess so.
Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?


I'm not going to be removing and splitting the engine for the the access was anywhere, it would be here...right?

And it isn't?



Ha, the above image flipped.  This is of the right side of the bike


Sadly its an engine out for access cover..


Check you dropbox. I have shared a folder called Gallery12. It shows the procedure on a similar model..Enjoy....


Thanks, Phil, that's awesome.  I downloaded the gallery. 

If I can clear some space indoors, it will be something I can think about doing.  Hmmm.

Does anyone know if a 1996 sprag clutch is fine for the 1995?  Someone said it isn't, but there's one available online.



Look up....

Look at the teamer stickies.
Look at Service bulletins..

Look at SB194 Sprag Clutches

I did  write an article on the Sprag versions, but6 cannot see it, but this may help, and yes a 1996 Sprag will fit, subject to ensuring you have the matching idler, which with a 95 bike could need checking.
It's been a  while, so I'm not totally sure..



Well done Phil  :thumbsup

You may need to shave a 1mm or two (depends on VIN) from the front inner side of the gear casing casting to be sure you have clearance with the later sprag gear. Don't worry, there's plenty of meat there to wave a die grinder at, you've got the engine apart now so take time cleaning and putting it all back together. Sorry I don't have a photo  :^_^
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Nick Calne

Hopefully these downloadable attachments help a little too.
Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?


Nice one Nick

Seems to confirm there is/were 2 upgraded sprags, dependant on the number of teeth on the starter gear.
I would assume if only 1 type is now available, you must ensure a matching starter gear, and possibly alternator gear too, looking at that parts list

Nick Calne

Right Mr MacJaffa, the ball is now firmly in your court!  I hope it works out, keep us abreast of progress!
Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?


Quote from: Nick Calne on March 14, 2022, 09:40:39 PM
I just bribe passers-by.

That concept got me out of Mexico's Copper Canyon after busting the sprag at the bottom of the deepest canyon in North America. I bounced the engine off a rock (breaking 2 fins off the oil pan) while crossing a washout on an old trail to an abandoned 18th C. Spanish mission.

As it is always easy to push start I tried to park where I could get a rolling start. Or not turning off if suitable. Otherwise I begged off some assistance from passers-by with the offering of a Tecate in thanks. 6 beers & good parking got me another 1600km, finally out of Mexico.

Unfortunately, it was an open up engine job, but it also caught some intake valves needing replacing too. Best to do when going in anyway. Check the cam chain slack & adjuster.
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