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Corrugated hoses on left side of 885i

Started by Smitty, May 01, 2022, 12:44:06 AM

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I am trying to figure out what these corrugated hoses are. They are cracked and were barely setting on the nipples of what appears to be an evap canister? Bike runs fine, but I just wanted to know what these are and if it could be an issue.


Yes they should connect the purge valve to the Cal-Can. I've never seen a US model with the US Evap can fitted so I don't know if a split hose will affect the performance. If in doubt replace with generic silicone hose. The corrugated plastic hose and rubber joiners is notorious for cracking and almost impossible to see, so it's best just to replace it all if you get the opportunity.

There should be one more smaller dia between the air box and the MAP sensor on the ECU and another 3 (all same length) between the IACV and the stubs on the throttle bodies under the airbox. If you use silicone hose, take care to ensure you don't get a kink or fold in the line, it's easier to do with silicone, hence the corrugated plastic.
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