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Taller Seat

Started by Chris Canning, August 24, 2020, 10:29:24 PM

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Chris Canning

I've said before getting into this site is like breaking into Fort Knox... anyway..

I my Tiger spends most of its life under a dust cover at the back of the garage,went and got it MOT'd today and having got used to riding more modern day bikes(a lot taller)noticed how low my 955 felt...anyone by any chance gone the taller seat route with their 955.

And yes after months under a dusty cover,battery on charge over night started first press of the button on what must be 6 month old fuel at least....

Bixxer Bob

I did the opposite Chris  :icon_lol:

I'm guessing you're already on the high setting?
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Chris Canning

Re logging in do it as a guest only takes about 10 attempts...

Re the seat,quite funny really only ridden it( on the tallest setting) for close on 20 years... but got on it yesterday felt like a chopper compared to my X/R or KTM,looks like the only option is custom or fitting one of those comfy things on top.


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Bixxer Bob

That looks like an Airhawk, but a lot cheaper. 

I love my Airhawk, but you need to try before you buy Chris.  Your riding is "spirited" compared with mine and I found the "not being directly connected to the bike" took a bit of getting used to.  Great for long miles but not for scratching.
I don't want to achieve immortality through prayer, I want to achieve it through not dying...


I know this isnt what Chris is after but Im totally converted to my "Cool Covers" seat cover,  adds a touch more height but in warm weather especially its like having air con round yer nadgers, seat doesnt get wet and I dont seem to get any pressure points:

Here is my bike last year with Mr Cool Covers at his base in Ledbury. I know, just pretend its a Lucifer Orange 955 :icon_lol:

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I investigated making a taller seat for my Tiger using laminated foam from a camping mat. However never got it satisfactorarily sorted as I needed the seat to be higher and also further back. The two piece standard seat complicated matters so much I gave up in the end as the join was just where I needed to sit.
However part of the problem was found to be that the pins holding the standard seat in it's highest setting were bending under my weight, and when I put slips of wood on the frame to support the seat, it helped with the height issue.


I've got a Russel that sits taller
If somebody wants it I would l would let it go
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the slow heart

Another long legged rider.

First I moved to billet foot pegs, inch lower. Still found my legs quite bent to react properly in rough terrain incident push ups. So I fabricated toolbox and placed it under the seat, inside the seat locking bracket. Tried to do it in a way allowing me clean removal and restoration of the original arrangement. The result was another 4 inches lift providing my legs comfortable touring position, easier switch to standing position, swift leg release from the pegs when needed offroad. Toolbox as a bonus. As only downside I have to admit that the clean line of the tiger's back is now in disharmony, provoking looks and questions at parking lots  :bug_eye , so I avoid them  :rrr