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Daysie's Diary

Started by Lee337, June 04, 2022, 11:31:52 AM

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Things are looking good, er... bad. Let me explain.

over the past few weeks I've sent the wheels of to be powder coated in the satin black, as near to standard as I can get, I've had new brake discs arrive, I've fixed the piece of fairing that broke off and I've finished off putting the coolant system back together, ready for coolant.I've even refitted the rear bodywork and front mudguard so she's begining to look more like a bike again. There was one last thing to do for the day, fit a new o ring to the coolant housing and refit the temp sensor.

O ring went fine, temp sensor was going well, I just had to refit the retaining clip at which point tsaid clip flew across the garage, the temp sensor fell out and ther thermostat housing broke.  :BangHead

So, I've finished with it, had enough, come in from the garage, got beer i the fridge & just might have one before dinner.
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Just got back from the Wheelrite (Spalding) with my freshly powdercoated wheels  :icon_biggrin:

Looking great, will update with pictures once I've had the tyres put on them.

We're getting there, brakes to bleed, coolant to add, tank & fairings to put back on & she'll look like a Daytona again. For info, she's cost a bit more than Tabitha Trophy cost by around £350, again proving that you can buy a road going bike of equivalent condition for less than it costs to rebuild one.

Still, that's not why I do it & at least I know both Tabitha Trophy and Daysie Daytona er... intimately!
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It's been a hard week with both good and bad bits.Lets start with the good. Thanks to Sin-tiger I have a fully functioning coolant system, at least I believe I have. Everything is back together coolant wise with all pipes, thermostats, sensors and rad cap in place but I admit I've yet to fill it with coolant. That is still in a container on the shelf. I thought I'd wait until I've got the wheels back on before I fill the coolant, then I can put the tank back on as well.

The wheels are still with my tame Triumph mechanic for tyre fitting. I spoke with him today & he'll have them done tomorrow (Tuesday). I dropped them off over a week ago but to be fair, I did say I wouldn't be able to pick them up until this week. The reason for the time delay is I went into hospital on Monday to have a heart procedure, was only in for a day but was told to take things REAL easy for 2 days and not drive for 7. UK daytime TV is not good and I watched a fair few 'B' Sci-fi films on Netflix too (that's not a good bit though  :icon_biggrin: ).

Another good bit is I've bled the front brakes and all seems well. They are a little spongy but that's because in the absence of wheels and therefore discs, I removed the pads and wedged a bit of wood into the calipers. When the wheels are back I can bleed them properly.

Now for the bad bits, the rear brake cylinder is completely f**ked. I have a choice of a rebuild kit or a 2nd hand refurbished unit, both are around £30 so I opted for a refurbed cylinder. It's on its way & should be here later in the week. I know there is a risk that I may still need a refurb kit but thems the breaks.

Bad bit 2, before refitting the nose cone I thought I'd better check all the lights work, so I took the battery of Tabitha & connected it up. With baited braeth I inserted the key & turned the ignition on. I was rewarded with a click from a couple of relays and the neutral light, oil pressure light and EML light up - so far so good. The fuel pump is not connected, so obviously that didn't spring to life as I'd expect. I switched the lights on and... nothing. OK, try the horn, still nothing, indicators, nope, same with the headlight flash switch. Check the kill switch and that was fine, switch it off and the dash lights go out & relays can be heard clicking off. So it was with some trepidation I thumbed the starter switch - still nada, nowt, nothing, nill, a big fat zilch. Connected up Tune ECU and there were no error codes. I even checked the rad fan while I was connected up. at least that works.

My first thought was that maybe there was an alarm/immobiliser fitted but I never found one of those while rebuilding her. Having said that, both Tallulah and Tabitha, while not having alarms fitted, have the alarm connector with a jump switch, without which neither of them start. Maybe Daysie has one of those.

Checked the fuses anyway and  all ok. I know, I'll check the parking lights, front side light came on and the rear right indicator.

Wait, Indicator?

Oh dear!

Looks like I've got some work to do. I'll investigate the immobiliser jump switch theory later in the week if I have time. I'm back to work on Wednesday so I may have to wait until the weekend.
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A quick update for you all on where I am with Daysie Daytona.

Both front & rear brakes are now fully functional including the brake light, althopugh the rear brake light switch needs a little adjustment as I can't depress the brake pedal far enough to operate the switch - an easy fix, and I finally managed to fit the new chain. She's been off the ramp and out in the sun with the fuel tank and most of the bodywork in place so she looks like a bike again.

I went out at the weekend & bought a new battery after using the original new battery I bought for her in Tabitha Trophy when I put her back on the road earlier in the year.

I've had all the relays out & tested, using both an electrical tester & a couple of bits of wire with crocodile clips on and attached to Tallulah's battery (which also needs replacing as it doesn't hold a full charge).

So, all relays good, battery good, brake lights good, parking lights goodish (the offside rear indicator still lights up instead of the rear lamp), I had a look at the alarm plug used for the factory fitted aparm although one is not fitted, and fabricated a couple of jumpers and I've checked the earth connectors.

Still no lights, horn, indicators or starter.

Daysie is now back on the bench with all her clothes removed. Time to start a more thorough inspection of the wiring. Think I'll start with the ignition switch & work my way back.
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Hey Lee, how's Daisy doing these days? ;) 
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Quote from: ghulst on November 28, 2023, 08:44:35 AMHey Lee, how's Daisy doing these days? ;)

Well, she's been put on hold, life has got in the way with a few curve balls being thrown my way over the past 3 - 4 months. I've not even taken TalynJ out that much & Tabitha has only done around 150 miles (240km).

She still sits on the bench with electrickery problems. As soon as I connected the battery, one of the relays started to overheat, hot to touch within a minute. Swapped the relays around and it's not the relay at fault, but the circuit it was attached to. The relay socket in question is the one that cuts the headlamp when you press the starter, so clearly something within that circuit.

All earths have been checked but still no joy.

When the weather improves & I can get out to the garage again I'll start checking all the wiring starting at the front & working my way back. There's something in my head that says I may have connected the wiring loom behind the headlight cluster wrong, but until I remove the lights I don't know for sure.

There's still an earth problem somewhere as I'm pretty sure the rear offside indicator shouldn't light up when I turn the parking lights on.

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Quote from: Lee337 on December 03, 2023, 12:22:12 PMWell, she's been put on hold, life has got in the way with a few curve balls being thrown my way over the past 3 - 4 months. I've not even taken TalynJ out that much & Tabitha has only done around 150 miles (240km).

She still sits on the bench with electrickery problems.

Good luck with the wiring issues :^_^ 
The Granite tiger's 'lecky" problems were only a heap of blown bulbs, so I'd imagine once I start doing some kilometres' there could be an overcharging issue.
Old TR6's had a power surge when ridden with enthusiasm, :rfl  so hopefully, as Lucas the Prince of Darkness had nothing to do with production, it won't have carried bad guru's across the factory  ;) 
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Regards Russ
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Had a few hours spare today filled Daysie up with coolant,no leaks. So far, so good.

Then headed off to Halfords to buy some replacement relays. Found 3 of the 4 I needed. Back home & with relays replaced. I gingerly connected the battery & felt each of the relays - you may remember one of them overheated as soon as the battery was connected. Nope, All seemed fine, so in to the house to grab the keys.

Back out, still no heated relays, turned the ignition on & all the tell-tale lights came on as did the instrument lights. That's new!

Thumbed the starter button


she turned over  :wings

Even though I charged the battery, she was a little slow though. No headlights until I switched to main beam. The right headlight came on. No left but I still have a missing relay. The side light came on though, as did the rear right indicator. Oh dear  :icon_scratch:

Still some way to go but definitely one step closer.

Need that relay and I suspect there's a dodgy earth somewhere.

No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.


YEAH! She's alive! That's always good news. On to the next solved problem! ;)
2008 Triumph Street Triple R | Ex Triumph Tiger 900 T400 1993, Tiger 800XC 2011


Been practicing '2 steps forward, 1 step back' today.

Pulled Daysie out of the garage as the sun was shining & out of the wind it was quite warm. Had the battery on a conditioner overnight so it was fully charged. Connected it up & plugged in the final replacement relay.

That's odd, the right headlight came on, ignition still, off, turned ignition on and front side light, rear right indicator, neutral & eml came on. Nothing else, no other lights, no horn, no indicators & no left headlight, no brake lights.. Unlike yesterday, no starter either although you can hear the relay click.

Pulled the fuse for the right head.ight but it stayed on. Pulled the left fuse & it went out.

Disconnected the wiring for rear lights & indicators and checked them all. The rear light bulbs were blown & bulb holders corroded. So after check8ng all the ear5hconnections & positive wires,new bulbs & holders cleaned up, I now nhave rear lights, still no brake lights though even though they worked when I refurbished the brakes.

At this point my brother turned up on  his new bike wanting to go for a ride. When packing up & showing him the bits that did work, I noticed the  headlight wasn't as bright as when I started. Battery was showing 12.74v when I started but it was now down to 12.14v. Not enough to account for the dimming bulb but suggests a short somewhere.

So, fuse pulled again, check battery, 12.14v. Turn ignition on, no iights except neutral & EML, 11.1v. Ignition off, 12.14v

Definitely a short somewhere.  Next, put Daysie away, pull Talyn J out & go for a ride.

Wonder what the battery voltage will be tomorrow?
No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.


It seems I've been a bit lazy of late, what with work, gardening, blood bike duty, servicing Talyn J, firing up Tabitha Trophy ready for summer, getting Tallulah through her MOT ready to be sold and a host of other tasks.

Daysie has been moved around the garage many times, but I've not really done anything to her. So yesterday (Saturday), I removed her battery, brought it into the house & put her on my Noco charger. By this morning, it was fully charged & reconditioned, it was dry & slightly warm outside, so time to pull Daysie out of the garage.

I connected up the now fully charged battery & flicked the ignition switch. Nothing had changed, she hadn't miraculously fixed herself and the right headlight came on full beam. Mistake number 1, turning the ignition off did not turn the headlight off and as I've removed the nose cone, I didn't realise the light was resting on the mudguard. Those bulbs can certainly throw some heat out when on full beam. I realised this when I noticed a little whisp of smoke coming from it. Too late, there's now a small burn patch on the prevoiusly pristine Strontium yellow mudguard. :BangHead

I also noticed that the previously fully charged battery was showing 11.3v, even with the ignition turned off. I pulled the headlight main beam relay more as an act of desperation than anything else but it made no difference, right headlight still on full. I pulled the dipped beam relay & the right headlight went out.  :icon_eek:

Checked the battery and it was up to 12.7v.

Turned the ignition on, still 12.7v.

Turned the lights on, side lights first & they came on as they should.voltage dropped a little but still above 12.5v.

Turned on the headlights, both came on the right on dipped beam, the right on full beam. Brake lights worked, dash lights worked.

Now we're getting somewhere. I even pulled the clutch & flicked the starter, listening to the engine turn as if it was trying to start - it never would, no fuel tank but still...

So it's the dipped beam circuit somewhere. I swapped the relay, just in case but it's not that causing the issue, so there's a short somewhere. Just to be certain, with the dipped beam relay in I checked the voltage of the battery again. You guessed it, down to 11.3v. Definitely the dipped beam circuit.

OK, start at the front & work my way back. I unplugged all the loom at the front & checked for continuity. The two headlight sockets first. the right was as expected, the left showed continuity where there shouldn't be any. :icon_scratch:

While everything was unplugged, I (again) cleaned each contact with electrical contact cleaner, plugged everything back in again just as Mrs L came out with coffee asking how I was getting on.

So I showerd her, plugging the dipped beam relay in, showing her the result, then pulling it again. Then I heard a small 'pop'.

Checked the fuses and the indicator fuse had blown. Odd, I haven't touched them. Pull the indicator relay, which is also the rear light, replaced the fuse, turned the ignition back on as 'pop' there it goes again. :icon_sad:

OK, leave the fuse out for now, but hang on, the lights are now not working. Pull the indicator relay, replace the indicator'rear light fuse, pull the dipped beam fuse, turn the ignition on...

No lights,

no brake light,

no rear light.

So the sum total of today's work is one burned mudguard.

And they say bikes are ful... :BangHead

No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.