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Next up an FJR1300

Started by Lee337, July 18, 2022, 08:05:16 PM

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I've had a Yamaha FJR1300 for the weekend., did around 300 miles over the two days is stupidly hot weather to be wearing full bike gear (and I lost 2kg) but what about the bike?

Not as heavy as I thought and the seat height was quite low compared to my usual steed. At first, I thought it was relatively comfortable, the seat height, the bar reach and the adjustible screen height made it a doddle to ride. Perhaps the footpegs could have been a little lower and I'm not that long in the leg, probably only 32" (a little over 810mm).

I also liked the idea of cruise control but when set at 30mph, it did seem to be a little jerky irrespective of the gear I was in. At 60/70mph it seemed smooth enough though.

It's the first shaft drive bike I've ridden for probably 30 years and technology has come a long way since then. No mtter how hard I accelerated in sport mode, I couldn't feel that torque trying to turn the bike like early examples and once I got used to the balance, it was surprisingly nippy even on the twisties, probably due to a lower centre of gravity than I'm used to.

Now for fuel consumption, the total fuel bill was just shy of £48 for 328 miles, at current fuel prices (£1.869 per litre) it works out at approx. 57mpg (25.6l / 4.54 = 5.6 then 328 / 5.6). Mind you, as it was one of the blood bikes, I didn't ride it over the speed limit and it was on the 'Touring' map as opposed to the 'Sport' mode for around 80% of the time. I did find it quick to accelerate in either mode and at a stately 60mph the engine seemed barely ticking over in 6th gear - it was actually around 4000rpm but pretty quiet & nowhere near half way up the rev range. I initially found it quite difficult keeping within legal speeds, something I needed to do as despite being liveried up with everything except blue lights, they are tracked & it was drummed in to us that if we consistently break the speed limit, we'll be suspended.

I still had a numb arse after around an hour & after two, my shoulders were begining to ache. Riding back from Grimsby to home, a distance of some 73 miles on Sunday afternoon, having already ridden for two hours with only a 10 minute break, I was not in a good way, my feet ached, as did my back, shoulders and neck. Bearing in mind in mid june, I rode Tallulah 260 miles with two 20 minute stops and was still up for another 30 mile run home), I couldn't wait to get off the damn thing.

So, it's far more modern than my old 2006 Tiger or my 1993 Trophy for that matter, it's got more gadgets, a digital dash which unlike the NC750 I rode earlier in the year, you could easily see, it gave enough information (although I never managed to figure out how to reset the trip), cruise control and despite how my body complained, a reasonably padded seat, but I just didn't gel with it over a long distance.

Would I buy one having now given one a good test, well, no.

No doubt it suits some people and to be fair, I thought it was a good bike, but if after two days riding, I need a wheelchair to get me from the garage to the back door, it's probably not the one for me - not that I'm thinking of trading in Tallulah, after three years ownership, I've got her just where I want her.

Wonder what they'll give me next time?
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But how much blood did it use on the trip?


Probably less than an armfull  :icon_lol:
No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.


Quote from: Lee337 on July 18, 2022, 11:26:09 PMProbably less than an armfull  :icon_lol:

I'm old enough to get the reference...


Apparently they do handle quite well. And I guess it is the same with most other bikes. After purchase, investments in suspension and saddles are the biggest steps towards a bike that suits you. ;)
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Resurecting this old post, I had Lincs Blood Bikes 'other' FJR this weekend. Nothing really different to report. The FJR I had was fairly low mileage, at a tad over 20,000 miles.

My first run of the weekend was 323 miles in around 10 hours. Now that doesn't seem a lot for 10 hours riding, but add in stops for pick ups, deliveries, food & fuel, it was a busy day & by the time I got home, I could barely walk.

This time out wasn't so sunny, I probably rode the last 60 miles of the day in rain. Surprisingly, the FJR's weather protection is pretty good, yes, I was a little damp around the edges as to be expected, but the high screen & fairings keeps most of the rain off the rider.

But, I can confirm that I wouldn't have one as a daily ride, not even if you paid me (the Blood bike role is voluntary, so no money changes hands). Not to put too fine a point on things, my a$$ and other :icon_redface:  'gentleman's parts' were still somewhat numb 3 hours after the ride finished.  :icon_eek:

Today is Sunday, I'm expecting a few more rides today. Hopefully not as far as it's currently raining. It's also a bank holiday weekend so I have Monday to do as well before I can hand the FJR over to another rider.

Oh how we suffer for our hobby.  :rrr
No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.