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Picos De Europa 2023

Started by TigerKing, July 24, 2022, 08:00:12 AM

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Hi All,
Although there's much riding still to do this year I'm beginning to have one eye on next year as well.

I've always heard great things about the Picos mountains so am thinking seriously about making it happen.

I'm thinking probably need a minimum of a week including the day each end of that for the travel and ferry, so 4-5 days riding in the region and sometime in Q2 (2023) i.e. either April, May or June.

If anyone fancies this also please let me know, or if anyone has already done it and can offer some tips and advice please let me know that as well.



Currently looking at viability for this. Need to look at costs and dates etc, but interested non the less.


Hi Phil,
I haven't done much research yet but a quick review for sample dates April 16-24 of the ferry availability and costs broadly reveals :
- Return tickets seem to cost the same whether you go for 2 days, 5 days or 10.
- Two UK ports service this part of Spain (Santander, Bilbao).
- Leaving from Plymouth is about £200-250 cheaper than leaving from Portsmouth.
- Plymouth crossing also shorter by about 10 hours (Plymouth 22 and Portsmouth 33).
- Depart and return to Plymouth can be as little as £250.
- Depart and return Portsmouth can be up to £500.
Obviously these are prices as of today and with everything going on in the world may very well increase as time goes on.
Although Plymouth is a longer trip depending where you live in the UK, its a big time and financial saving over Portsmouth.

As you know accommodation, fuel (beer and food:) and petrol can be a fair bit cheaper in Spain than the UK.
Again a very quick review of hotels in Picos de Europa for the night Friday April 21 brought up literally dozens of hotels between the price range of £34-100 a night.

Anyway, hope all that helps a bit (helped me anyway:)!


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All the best, Mat-tiger1. 👍
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