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Denmark?..........If I'm lucky!

Started by TigerKing, July 28, 2022, 08:38:37 AM

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I've been wanting to do some long tours for a while and am finally off on a just under 2 week tour across Holland and Northern Germany to Denmark, and back.

The only slight hesitation/fly in the ointment is the problem I've been having recently with my clutch, Triumph believe after the 4th air bleed and a slave cylinder replacement they have now fixed it, we'll soon find out. 
Denmark?..........If I'm lucky!
I've double checked my roadside recovery cover!

So next Thursday (August 4th) I'll be heading off to Brentwood where a visiting Ozzie friend will pick up her rental at SuperBikeHire/Rental in Brentwood, then off to the ferry port of Harwich where we'll meet a mate of mine from North Dorset and catch the ferry next morning.

Should miss all the motorways and major roads and I've built in time for more leisurely riding days and sightseeing days with 2 days in Copenhagen and 2 days in Bremen.  Got a couple of very small ferry boat crossings in as well which should be fun, 1 across the Elbe and the other across the Baltic coming back from Denmark in to Germany.
I should have managed to paste a copy of the route below.

If I get any decent photo's I'll remember to share a few here.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet.    (thats all the non English I know.   Oh apart from "Dos Cerveza pour favour":)


Nice, should be a good trip and the weather looks pretty good for you. Enjoy!
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Nick Calne

Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?