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Started by ghulst, January 29, 2024, 11:27:35 AM

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Well, it isn't that lime green with checkered flag motive Phil. ;)
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Not the best picture, but I picked up the '08 Street Triple R 676 today. It was a nice 175km ride to get acquainted with a new bike and a new concept.

I haven't had a sports naked yet. I did own a Yamaha XJ550 for a short while, but only did a handful of rides on that. This is a completely different kind of excitement. That engine at 11.000rpm is crazy. Very different from the triple in my old Tiger 800XC.

I think I'm going to need to ride this bike in a whole new way. ;)
2008 Triumph Street Triple R | Ex Triumph Tiger 900 T400 1993, Tiger 800XC 2011


I'm sure it will release the "Inner Hooligan"!
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After doing a couple of nice pulls on the way home, I am sure it will. I just need to get my inner hooligan a bit more skills, so he doesn't end up in a ditch somewhere. ;)
2008 Triumph Street Triple R | Ex Triumph Tiger 900 T400 1993, Tiger 800XC 2011


By contrast, I took my little brother on pillion today on TalynJ, all 76kg of him, to pick up his new bike, a brand new Aprilia Tuono 125.

Firstly, that extra weight is very noticeable in the way Talyn J habdled and acceleration being altered. I did expect it but having not had a pillion for well over 7 years (the last time was on my Blackbird) it was still a bit of a shock. Oddly, when I took her to the ABR festival & on to my tour of the South West last year, I was fully loaded with both panniers and top box pretty much at full capacity plus a roll carrying tent, sleeping bag & mattress, probably far less than the weight of little brother, but I didn't really notice the lack of acceleration then.  :rrr

Secondly, at a max revs of 5000rpm while it's running in, the little Tuono does a blistering 58mph (94kph). A bit scary on the duel carriageway surrounding Peterborough.

Think I'll stick to Talyn J for the moment although it made me think if I needed to carry a pillion regularly, I think the Tiger 1200 would be a better choice.

Enjoy the Street Triple Ghulst, looks like a fine steed you have there.  :wheel
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Thanks Lee. And to be honest, I think the Tiger 800 is fine with a pillion. I did quite a few rides with my daughters on the back of my Tiger 800XC and it was fine. It does not perform exactly as an unladen bike does, but that is to be expected. You just need to get used to it. :wheel  I would not change up to a 1200, as that also brings along a lot more weight, which might not be what you are looking for and will influence the experience even more. I think a 76kg pillion on the Street Triple would be very noticeable as well. Mostly because that is about half the weight of the actual bike.  :icon_rolleyes: 

Now I might actually go and look for a set of those Givi easylock sports bags so I can bring some luggage on a trip. And a new motorcycle backpack with the possibility to carry a laptop safely. And then it is probably just racking up the miles and see where this is going to bring me. The good thing is that the bike has had a full service twice in the past 1000km. 
2008 Triumph Street Triple R | Ex Triumph Tiger 900 T400 1993, Tiger 800XC 2011