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What I had thought was a fuel pump issue

Started by bazza5938, February 02, 2023, 01:19:21 PM

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Hi folks, new around here, but having an issue I could possibly use some help with.

Have had my tiger coming up on 2 years, had a few problems with it during that time (had to replace rear shock being the biggest one) but just over a week ago, I was heading out, started her up while I finished getting gear on, and headed off, got maybe 1/2 a mile, and the engine stopped (full tank of petrol), Side of the road try and get it going again, but notice there's no whine from the fuel pump to prime the system, turn around to try and get back to the garage, and bit of a downhill to start, so I try to bump start it, fires up, but off again straight away, and I continue my long push, and spend sometime trying to work out what's going on, but still no whine from fuel pump. Check the connector on the side of the tank, can see voltage there (I now know a problem here ...) so work on the assumption the pump must have failed. At this point, also tried hooking up a basic OBD2 reader (I don't have tuneecu or anything) to see if any fault codes were showing, but it wouldn't even connect.

Cut to start of this week when new pump arrived, tank drained, pump in, everything seems to be good, few minutes of a ride, as I knew I'd be out the next day on it.

Next day, starts, rides to college (in my 40s, but actually doing motorcycle maintenance and repair principles, so hopefully have a fairly good basis for repairs at this point) no issues, 5pm comes along and I'm leaving, bike starts, few seconds later, cuts out. No whine from fuel pump.

So, some time troubleshooting, looking at wiring diagrams etc later, I see the ground is controlled by the ECU for the pump, and it's not happening, I could bypass things and have the pump permanently on, but I'd rather find the real issue.

Tested as many other things that may cut out the supply as possible, side stand kill, down sensor etc, all seemed to be okay, and cause cutout in a different way than I'm seeing, all lights etc are coming on as normally, bike is turning over, just no whine from the pump, and no firing up. Only other issue I did see when the bike was running was a flickering of the fuel light on the dash, with plenty of fuel, so hard to tell if this is related, or a side effect of what the issue really is.

Thinking something on ECU or wiring, have tested continuity to the pin (H1 on the black block) to the fuel pump connection, and seems good at that point.

Anyone got any hints of directions I can look in other than trying to replace the ECU?


First port of call will be to check your battery, if it's more than a couple of years old, probably best to treat it to a new one.
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Yeah, have an update today, while the battery is only a year old, charging voltage is showing as rubbish, so next line is going down that route, anyone got any samples of resistance and voltage figures at the alternator and rectifier? Have checked no continuity to ground from the coils, and have taken some figures on that side, but not the voltage figures on the other side of the rectifier yet (though have tried two, and resistance figures etc are pretty similar, voltage and checking wiring beyond that point are the next things I have in mind to start checking, see why voltage isn't getting to the battery