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HiFlo Air filter HFA6501

Started by London_Phil, March 14, 2023, 07:42:44 PM

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Anyone fitted one to their 800?
I have just removed my tank etc to fit one I bought last year, and it doesn't sit flat when the screws are done up, they cause it to lift at the back.
I think the airbox top cover may push the filter down, but I don't want an engine full of dust and grit!!


I've not done so yet, but interesting to hear if anyone has.
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I've actually ordered another via Ebay, so I will see if the new one fits any better, or send it back as faulty and stump up for a Triumph one..


Hi-flo stuff is usually good  never had an issue with any of their stuff but not their tried air filters.

TBH, I used a Triumph air filter on the 955i but only because I forgot to look for a hi-flo alternative.
No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.


I actually didn't like the way their oil filters were made, compared to oem.
The number and size of holes in the Hiflow seemed less and smaller. I ditched them in favour of oem, and wish I wasn't so cheap cheap, buy seems


Just received the 2nd HiFlo filter, and it has the same issue as the other, ie when the front screws are tightened, it lifts the back edge up from the sealing surface.
This doesn't happen with the oem one, even if, and I need to check the air filter cover may push it down when attached, but I'm going to get a Triumph one, as I'm not happy with it.and it seems to be by design, not a random on-off..


That's interesting, if not in a good way  :augie

Too long ago to remember which aftermarket cleanable I fitted, either a K&N or Pipercross (don't quote me  :augie )  can't recall that being an issue, 
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I went to the local Triumph dealer this morning, and they did me a cash deal on a filter, which was quite a nice surprise, so will fit the oem one.
In fairness to HiFlo, a high mileage user on the Tiger 800 forum says this back edge lifting  is normal, and not a problem when the lid is screwed down, as it seats the filter at the back, but I will stick to the oem one this time.


As a final note on this, I find the genuine Triumph filter also sits up at the back, so either they settle with use, or the old one is different.
Anyway, oem is in, and I will send back the second HiFlo, but will keep my other one as a spare, and Lee can pick the bones out of this!!


Hmm, the lastfeq bikes I've had  I've used orm ones  either Honda, Aprilia and more recently Triumph.

Maybe I'll stick to oem for air filters.
No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.


Have not used HiFlo, only K&N. Have been told by a buddy that K&N overpriced and "just not worth it," so I'm looking elsewhere now lol. Ultimately still want the bike to breathe, just not at the risk of poor filtering.

There's a DNA air filter that's made in Greece (grease...get it?  :ImaPoser ), so they have to have good filtration; but really, they seem to be very open about the product quality and making everything in house on their social media accounts.

Any of you ever tried one of these?


Personally I'm not a fan of air filters that rely on a film of oil to assist filtration. The line between too little oil to make a difference & too much so it oils up sensors & fouls ugs is very slim.

After many years using after market filters  I'm now of the opinion that for normal road use  the designers knew what they were doing when they put OEM filters in.

No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.