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Started by Madruss, November 10, 2023, 04:53:42 AM

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Here in the UK, some insurers are now charging more if you carry a pillion. Once insurer has upped the price if you ride less than 2000 miles a year, claiming you're more prone to accidents as you don't ride enough, others say the more you ride, the more the risk - any excuse...
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😒 we have one insurer here who advertise we'll tailor insurance to you.😂
I said I was riding 6klm to & from work, around the outskirts of a regional town village .
Thought this will be cheap, got the verbal quote. I said thats great for annual premium, oh no he says, thats per month 🫣🙄😬
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Regards Russ
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Hahahaha, insurers are great at one thing. Getting paid. ;)

In NL we now have an insurer that charges you an annual fee and then you can 'switch on or off' when you are riding. You pay extra per actual day of riding. So far they do not seem cheaper than my regular insurer that I can ride the bike year round with. However, my insurance is pretty cheap. At under €8 per month for insurance and about the same for tax per month, I cannot complain. ;)
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We too have an annual fee, the insurers call it a 'Admin' fee, then there's the 'Arrangement' fee, then the Taxman adds his 'fee'.

I'm pretty sure if I could go direct to the underwriter & not have to pay insurance premium tax (12%), my insurance would work out around half of what I actually  pay
No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.