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Slave cylinder rebuild questions

Started by Matthewittnz, December 16, 2023, 09:29:45 AM

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Hey Guys,
Acouple of days ago I bled the clutch after replacing a few seals under the drive gear cover on my steamer that I have recently been given from my inlaws.
The next morning there was a sizeable puddle of dot4 under the bike!
Removed the slave today and found it full of shmuts, and fluid on the wrong side of the seal!
Seals are toast but do you think the piston will be saveable?
How do you remove the piston?
Easy enough job to rebuild if at home ?
Slowly wishing I had a service manual for this thing.
Cheers Matt


There are digitised online service manuals for these. I posted a parts list some years ago on here too.


I just found a workshop manual on my NAS, if you want a copy. I'm not sure if this new site can host a copy..34mb pdf..


Manual is available in the file section of the T300 Facebook page and the Tiger 900 Steamer Facebook page. Not sure about a seal for the slave but I'm sure the FB pages will have info and there may be some here too.


Hey guys, turns out I was over thinking it. Job was cake!
Cheers Matt


1996 Granite black Steamer, ahead of 40 odd others owned
Regards Russ
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