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Started by Boo, January 21, 2024, 09:45:00 PM

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It's that old question again. Tyres. Not used Tigger for some time, but recently went to Alps for a trip. Result being, tyres need replacing due to worn tread.
At the moment I have Michelin Anakee III tyres. All is well with these and I get 10,000 miles on these which is well impressive. They also grip well and do everything I need So.... satisfied customer.
 My question is, are they available and are there better tyres on the market now as tyre technology is progressing all the time.
 I do not need off road tyres and i do not pretend to be John Mc Guinness. What i need is a safe tyre for touring that gives good road manners and a long life.


I have recently fitted to my 800xc. I am 90% road and they look the part, grip well, and I am happy with them. I did a small amount of light offroad with them, and there better than my abilities, so a possibility, if available in Steamer sizes?


I have Michelin Road Trail 5 on my Tiger 955i, which I found are great tyres, giving me confidence in both wet & dry, a bit skittish on gravel but then I'm 95% road riding. Couldn't give you any advice re wear as I've probably done less than 2000 miles on them.

I have Continental Conti Trail Attack 3 on the 800xc. Again I think they're good tyres in wet & dry, giving me confidence to throw them into the twisties, especially when dry. The odd time I've come across small streams crossing the road, fairly common where I live and the run off from the fields needs somewhere to go, hasn't really caused a problem. I've covered 2400 miles including 1200 miles fully loaded with panniers & tent etc.and they've performed well I think. I've ridden on both grass (dry) and gravel roads without issue but again probably 95% of my time is spent on potholed roads. Can't say how long they've been on the bike as it came with them fitted. The rear is just beginning to square off though, but when they do need changing, I'm likely to go for the same.

I also put Metzler Tourance on the 955i shortly after I got her (not Tourance Next, which had pretty bad reviews), which I quite liked, the tyre, not the reviews  :icon_mrgreen: . They were a bit noisy at 20-30mph fo the first couple of 100 miles and I don't think were as grippy as either the Michelin or Continentals, but did have a more 'off road' feel to the tread pattern. Despite this I did around 8500 road miles before I decided to change them. I probably had another 1000 miles but it was approaching winter & to be fair, the rear was beginning to square off.

All the tyres were advertised as 20/80 which suits me as i've no real intention to go off road unless it's through a camp site, maybe the odd dry gravel track if the fancy takes me.

Hope this helps.
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