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Ignition Coil?

Started by Aeschere, April 07, 2024, 03:55:06 PM

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Hello all,

The Tiger keeps throwing new things at me every time I would like to go for a ride...

Last week, I had some issues where the middle pipe wasn't heating up, the bike would stutter in low revs and would die when I pressed the clutch lever (and the revs dropped). This looked to be just a faulty spark plug and was quickly remedied. However, today, I was experiencing the same issue, again on the middle pipe. Thinking I might just had a bad plug, I replaced it again. The pipe heated up and off I went.

However, during the trip, I noticed that my revs kept fluctuating a bit when idling. When cruising around with 50-60 km/h, it felt as if I was on a merry-go-round. I am wearing ear-plugs when I ride but I would hear some pops coming from the exhaust and something that was vibrating more than usual.

The ride was to a motorcycle event so I talked the problem over with some people there and they almost all concluded that it might be the ignition coil (bobine) that could be the issue. Are they right? And if so, what replacement parts do you folks recommend. A few years ago it was suggested to replace them with Nology Profire coils but is this still the case? Even for people in the EU? $89 a piece, not including shipping and import is making me sad...

Thanks in advance!


I fitted over-plug coil packs (stick coils) from a 2000  TT600 on mine. Was able to use the original TT600 rubber bungs to support the stick coil and keep debris from the plug hole. Worked well, and a few people have done it. Original coils are known to fail after a while.


I saw that as well, but those are the cables that go over the spark plugs. I am currently looking at those coils that are attached to the frame as the culprit.

Can't hurt to get some new cables as well though :)


My point was the coil sticks are a better option, as you remove both the coil, a known issue, and the cables are not needed either, so if you are thinking of long term use, I see the coil sticks as an improvement.


How does that work? You connect them straight to the battery without guiding them through the ignition coil?

Is the ignition coil part of the TT600 coil cables?

Bit new to the whole electronic side of the bike and just trying to wrap my head around it. Thanks in advance!


They replace the ignition coil and cable. You try to get some with the connector still attached, then remove the old coils, and connect them to the coil wires.

This may help


TT600 coils on my Tiger. They also give you a bit more room to play under the tank. I agree with Phil.
All the best.
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