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1996 Tiger Puzzle

Started by CheeZmaster, July 07, 2024, 02:21:22 AM

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Hi all,

I saved a Tiger from the salvage yard in Switzerland two weeks ago and I want to get it back on the streets again.

The big end bearing of the connecting rod of the 3rd cylinder is seized and I want to overhaul the motor completely.

Some issues turned up while disassembling the motor:
The camshafts are yellowish/brownish colour coded and the housings are from 1993. From the colour coding of the cams, they are not from a Tiger motor as far as I understood.

Can and one enlighten me what motor is in that bike?

Thanks in advance for any hints. I don't want to buy the wrong parts for the overhaul.
Regards from Lake Constance


Nice save! Does the engine number shed any light? If so, I suppose you could bring it back to standard, if it has been modified in the past.
Sounds like an interesting project. All the best.
Ripper, woke up again.


If you have the engine number, Triumph may be able to tell you what the engine was from.

Allthe best with your project, keep us updated.
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