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Steamer with bad habbits

Started by Titus, April 12, 2024, 07:51:52 PM

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'93 Triumph Tiger, Caspian Blue, Blue Engine Cases
132,000 km;  IBA #45911


Put some more miles on the steamer, runs great getting good mileage.

Some issues, bike sat a lot so gremlins are still here, noticed oil under rear shock, can't figure out if it's the shock or a warmed up grease leak as I recently pumped grease in the swingarm bushings. Puddles appeared right after that.

Is the shock rezzy supposed to be filled with nitrogen? What psi?

Any of you guys had to rebuild or replace shocks?

Bike is mostly ridden two up, found a "TEN" adjustment under shock, is that for tension? Clockwise to make stiffer?

4300 rpm at 100km/h does that look like original gearing? 6th of course

Otherwise, amazing machine, pulls like a diesel, soft as a couch!!!

Also made a small donation for all the support and priceless info I got here! Thank you everyone!


I rebuilt my shock. I realised it had a lot of free movement from lack of oil. I followed advice on this forum from member "Sasquatch" I bought the seals and stops then used Dexron III ATF and a charge of air, not nitrogen in the reservoir. The amount of gas is soo small there is no real possibility of explosion, however if you can get it done with nitrogen, that's the way to go. . I sent you the shock service pdf.


Thank you Phil, forgot about the shock pdf.


Nice work, Titus. You are hitting winners!
Re the shock and your two-up use. I replaced my original shock with a Wilbers with rebound adjustment and a remote preload adjustment. I am very happy with the fast preload adjustment between pillion and non-pillion rides. Works for me!
Regards, Bern.
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Front fairing sent for a repair and respray, was looking awful.
Will be painted gloss black, was matte before and all scoured