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Fuel stabilizer

Started by Titus, May 01, 2024, 12:19:09 PM

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Guys, do you use a fuel stabilizer or ethanol eliminator to prevent the tank from eating itself from the inside. Found strange white slimy stuff inside, even after a good clean.
We have 10% starting with this year added to gasoline, kind of worried. In old plane engines we used to add lead additive so I'm sure we can figure smt out for this pesky ethanol.
Found something from VP that states its a fuel stabi with ethanol shield...any thoughts?


Difficulty comes from the plastic tank.
You would need to ensure additives wont eat the tank away.
Might be worth looking at Trials bike Forums, as they often have plastic tanks, and may have a solution.
BTW remember to be careful with the tank fittings, as they seize, and there is very little meat behind them...
To be honest even before the E10 issue, my Steamer would cause all sorts of issues if left for than more than a few days, with blocked jets. If lucky I could ride on choke then get on a main road for 5 to 15 mile as and it would clear. I tried Mikuni and Keihin carbs, but in the end I went EFI with an 800XC, and whilst I love the Steamer look, EFI, especially where we have emission charges just works


I'll use stabiliser if storing the bike for more than a couple of months, but aside from that I don't bother & not had any issues. That's not to say I won't, but Iof the 3 working bikes (all Triumphs) I just use normal E10 fuel. Admittedly every 3rd tank I'll fill up with premium fuel (same with the car).

The Trophy regularly sits for 4 - 6 weeks without running, The Tiger 955i even longer & the only real issues I have are the batteries.
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My Steamer would always, and I mean always have Carb issues whenever not run for a while, and I replaced the Mikunis with Keihins and still had issues..It's why I went EFI...


Right Phill, gotta be careful with those additives, I fitted an inline filter for the crud and stuff, washed the tank but that messy white slime I think its the ethanol reacting with the plastic.