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I've dragged the Uly pegs a couple of times each run through the dragon but it's still quite fun.

Just a teaser of my Girly.

Here is the latest of my beastie.  The newest addition is the Touratech skidplate.

It's almost perfect.  I need to do some electrical mods to put some power on the instrument cluster for gps etc, and I need to add a pair of Jesse's, and then I think the bike will be done.


Edit: I sould add, the following is non stock:

Thunderbike Crash Bars
Touratech Skidplate
Touratech Headlight guard
Triumph Off Road pipe
TOR Tune
Homemade Highway pegs
Touratech Handlebar Crossbar
RAM mount for my eMap GPS
Triumph Rear fender extender
Triumph Front fender extender (not installed yet.)

I might also install a pair of zeta handguards (

Here's my girl

All the standard mods;

Touratech Engine Guards
Touratech SkidPlate
Touratech OilCooler/Radiator Guards
Touratech Headlight Guard
Touratech Handlebar Risers
BMW Handguards w/Touratech wind deflector
Custom cut windscreen
Triumph Off-Road race can
TOR ECU tune
Happy Trails Panniers
-1 on the countersprocket
GeoRover's custom footpeg inserts

I'm putting this in talk and stickying it.  Time for steamers and 1050s to step up and give us your thread.



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