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Girly picture thread - Show us your T's

Started by pizzaman383, August 04, 2007, 11:23:17 PM

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Quote from: "WVdyhrd"haha it was easy, mostly rock! It would have been smoother if i was goin faster though, but first non-creek crossing on the tiger so took it easy. See a cpl pics up, that was the easiest water crossing ever

So ya won't be tryin this.......... ... re=related

 :lol:  :lol:

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hmmmmmmmmm maybe with the right tires  8)
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On a trip in Eastern Oregon, the Painted Hills


I am new to the forum and I just picked up an '05 Tiger Wednesday night. I love it and I'm off for a 340 mile ride today.

I Love The Rain The Most When It Stops.


Ha! You snagged that one in Redmond you dirty bastage dint ya? Good on ya.

Here's mine...

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Quote from: "brad21"Ha! You snagged that one in Redmond you dirty bastage dint ya? Good on ya.

Yes, yes I did. It was love at first sight. :love10
I Love The Rain The Most When It Stops.


Keepin the Girly thread goin......



ok.... here is my 2000 tiger 885i. Has all 3 matching bags. That's an older seat, new seat is a bill mayer. This is a sargent custom (I think.... it came with the bike). Has about 38,000 miles on it. Got newer reflective tape, removed the red and went with a better v82 DOT tape. Clutch cable routing is because it's a 1050 tiger cable. Has mustang pegs now, and hammerhead designs folding alloy shifter... in the pics they are stock.

When I got this bike, it was a turd. I had it totally in pieces, and cleaned up a lot of things on it.... replaced the head gasket while it was in pieces. A mouse had made a nest in the area where the wiring for the tail light is... so I cleaned all of that up too. Did maintenance on the swingarm and rear suspension when it was in pieces. Was going to sell it, but sold a cruiser instead.... after all the work on it - she runs fantastic!

a more recent addition - this is my 2006... all I did to it was get a top case, matching locks, heated grips, adjustable levers from a 1050, swmotech centerstand, bill mayer saddle, mustang pegs. It's just a baby with 10,000 miles on it.


At EuroRider WV in August.  Picture was take by Gary Westphalen of Thunder Roads Magazine.  This was close as it got to a East Coast Ride-In this year.  Several Tigers from GA, KY & PA and their buddies rode West Virgina & Eastern Ohio.

Go to Page 27.

This was the last hurrah before the Tiger had its heart transplant.



Way to many shiny new looking girlies here...
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John Stenhouse

Ah, the Tigger taking a nap photos, we all have some of those  :lol:
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So why did you go down?  Looks like a tame road.

Getting a tad aggressive??? :hello2
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