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Girly picture thread - Show us your T's

Started by pizzaman383, August 04, 2007, 11:23:17 PM

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Nice ride Tigerdave,

I like the colour scheme!, I had to look twice at the pic though, the black line down the rad (fork shadow) makes look like you have three coolers :)
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One fully loaded going to Tampa Fla for the weekend and on just for around town.



TigerDaveMN What kind of crash bars are those on your Tiger??

2000 885i Tiger


Quote from: supercoupe1993 on May 14, 2014, 08:23:07 PM
TigerDaveMN What kind of crash bars are those on your Tiger??

2000 885i Tiger
those are Ma's bars longer made  :icon_sad:


This is my old Tiger on a 8000 km trip to  pyrenees.  :icon_lol:


If yer not carefull they can go from........

DSCF2335  new by KuzzinKenny, on Flickr


DSCF3969 by KuzzinKenny, on Flickr

:ImaPoser :ImaPoser :bug_eye


ps i've lost the plot here  :icon_scratch:

pps attempt No 10  :icon_redface:
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Finally got my Dymags painted that I bought from Zombie and installed today.  New Pirelli Angle GT's, all new sprockets, chain and rotors.  Everything was a direct bolt on like it was supposed to be.  Changed the look of my bike completely.  Going to go out for a good shake down run tomorrow morning. 

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Picked up my 1190 Adventure R today, which is an awesome day, but also got me all sentimental about the last 10 years and 150k of fun faithful service my Girly has given me. A set of rear wheel bearings, some brake parts and she's as good as new again!

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Gave my Girly a facelift the other day with some 3m carbon vinyl...