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I have been getting a bunch of questions about how to post photos on the forum so I would like to address them here.

To post photos within your message, you need to have your photos hosted on another website, places like Smugmug, and Photobucket.  Smugmug works the best as far as I can tell, and is really inexpensive.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of $25/year.  They are also really convenient because if you have a photo you really like, you can just order a print of it right from Smugmug and it is mailed to you pretty darn quick.  And as one more positive kudo for Smugmug, they are a major contributor of

So, now that you have all your photos hosted on Smugmug, it is time to write up a nice ride report, etc.  Open up your Smugmug account in another tab (Firefox) so you can bounce back and forth between this forum and Smugmug.

Find the photo you want to place within your text and right click on it.  Choose "Copy image location".  Now, go to your posting on this list and place the curser where you want the photo placed.  Click the button above the text box "Img".   This places an HTML tag in your text {Img}.  Now, it will be in brackets [] rather than what I am using to describe this {} so I wont confuse the posting.

So now you have your text and then on its own line the {Img} tag, now hit CTRL V.  This places the hyperlink to your image location after the Img tag.  Then click the Img button again and it will close the tag.  What you will have is something that looks like this (with brackets instead of {}):


When you post your thread, it will look like this:

Blah Blah Blah Blah

See, it is easy.

Sure, easy for you to say.

I'm trying to host my pictures at google.picasa. No joy on posting (yet).


Save yourself the grief.  Most free hosting sites will not allow you to hyperlink to them.  Use Smugmug.

Hi again,

I followed your instructions to the letter, all went well and all the photos worked when I checked after adding them.  Several hours later I have logged in to do something else and checked, now all I see are my sub headings and the small icon under the headings where the picture should be. Wazzamadda?  What have I done wrong do you think?  Would you mind jumping in under my login and checking code and stuff please?  I will give you my login details as I will be away for a week as of now.

User name "Lordy" Secret password is "jackdog"  shhh!!!    :icon_wink:

Thanks in anticipation


If you use smugmug they have a setting for each gallery to allow forums like this one to get the picture and show it inline (smugmug's "Customize Gallery"=>"External Links"). I bet many others have a setting just like it.

As long as you are logged in as you you will be able to see external links even if they are not allowed according to your settings. Anybody not logged in will not see them. Ask me how I found out...  :oops:

Check you photo host for how it's set up with them...


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