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Photo posting

Started by Sasquatch, May 20, 2007, 04:30:48 PM

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Is a Google account different from a gmail account?  If so, I'd be interested.
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QuoteIs a Google account different from a gmail account? If so, I'd be interested.

Same thing after you log in to gmail there is a "Photo" link at the top of the
page click it and you are good to go.
Ther are alot of cool thing you can use your google account for.
I use the Documents link to have word, excel and .pdf's where ever I have web access.
Igoogle makes a good home page.
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What about "Fickr", the widest range I can allow is any Flickr member, does that mean someone who clicks on a link here will not be able to see the image?
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Well now I really do need some help.

When I registered I was advised to "Upload" pictures so that they would always be available, I can see the sense in that as photo hosting sites do come and go, chnage their "Rules" and memberships lapse.

Now I have been admonished by the message that I have reached my upload limit, I didn't know there was one but admitely that was a bit niave. Can some kind person tell me if this is a general restriction or because I haven't managed to become a site supporter yet or is it a function of the number of posts etc.

Need to get bl@@dy PayPal sorted, their automated emails are driiving me mad going in circles. :x
I used to have long hair, took acid and went to hip joints. Now I long for hair, take antacid and need a new hip joint


should be able to post images direct in to here from your flickr account using the Img tags - thats what i use.  when uploading it gives you the option for pics to be either public or private (restricted to specific people).. not sure of the exact terminology as I cant access it from work!


Busy Men,

Can I post youtube vids. in my post?
Can I practice here in this forum?
Can I link to them?
Can I embed them?

All the best.


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you can post you tubes
the embedding works a little differently with tiger triple though because we use SMF SOFTWARE FOR THE FORUM .
click this link to get a tutorial how to do it ...................,13133.msg96476.html#msg96476

you can also practice in that thread .
try to keep the vids posted in general discussion board unless they are specific to your post in another board

ie. you are doing a ride report and have some video of it to show .

good luck