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Tiger 1050 Owners, do not do this...

Started by abruzzi, August 22, 2007, 05:22:09 AM

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John Stenhouse

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burrito bandito

I currently have a KLR and I am thinking of up upgrading to a tiger in the spring. it is nice to know that the "roadie" myth isn't entirely true...


I did this type of road on a 81 GL1100 interstate Whats up?
You tell us not to do something is like sombody telling you not to buy a Triumph Tiger or even just a Triumph! 8)

Say it can't be done!! 8)
He is not going that fast listen to the motor.


droopydawg - the D616's hook up very well on wet / dry pavement or dry dirt - a lot less capable in mud. Distanzias also quite capable on same - but don't wear as well as D616. But mud...same problem. The MT60's are about the best of the mud tires for Roadie or Uly owners. Just FYI, if your AK / Yukon adventure includes the Dalton or Dempster.


some of best roads in world around there for Tigger, not off road but there you go. Southern part of France is brilliant! The Tigger is ok if you take care of the suspension, it does take a fair bit of abuse you know [apologies to my bike]
Briancon, ah yes, always had sore head next morning :)


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Regards Russ
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