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Tiger Parts Cross-Reference Guide

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If you know of a specific part that can be used on a Tiger, please be so kind as to let us all in on the secret.

Please post the brand and part number, and its application.

For example, since my nearest Triumph dealer is a two-hour ride away....

The oil filter currently on my '05 Girly is for a late-model Honda GL1800 Goldwing...  Honda part # 15410-MCJ-000


Links to a lot of good info about motorcycle oil filters, and automotive filters that can be cross-referenced to motorcycle applications... ... OilFilters

K & N oil filters have a handy 17mm nut welded to the end of their filters, allowing one to remove the filter from the recessed confines of
the Tiger sump without having to buy a special oil filter tool. 

Steamers don't use spin-on oil filters, but a replaceable internal element.  The part number for K & N oil filters for carbureted 885 engines is KN-192. 
Fram CH6012 from Wal Mart and most auto part stores  ...even

Fuel-injected 885i and 955i's need a spin-on KN-204. 

I have heard of folks using a KN-191, but its diameter is 71mm, a bit bigger than the KN-204's 68mm.  The 191 may or may not fit up into the sump.  It's pretty tight up in there.

Roadies use a spin-on KN-204

(add a C to the spin-on part number if you want it chromed)   <!-- s:mrgreen: -->:mrgreen:<!-- s:mrgreen: -->


--- Quote from: flux ---Just a heads up to save anyone doing some searching... I just bought and installed a WalMart SuperTech ST6607 oil filter on my '02.  It was less than $3.  They sell Mobil 1 Racing 4T full synth oil there as well.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: "tigerdown" ---Don't buy a fuel filter from your local Triumph dealer,as they will charge £35  :shock:  Instead get the filter as fitted to the BMW oilheads or
K series they're all the same, I used mahle KL145 cost £9 Exactly the same filter :D
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: "Tom Herold" ---You can also use a Purolator F20011 fuel filter to replace your stock Triumph one. Same size, same fittings, good all the way around.  They're a high quality unit and can be found at your local parts store for around $6.  I've been running one in the Sprint for about 6k miles.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: "GWL" ---I have just bought a Ducati fuel filter for my Tiger. I know people sometimes use BMW filters but wasn't sure if anyone knew about the Ducati ones as well.It only cost £9.00 whereas the Triumph one was £24.00. Whats even better is that I got it from my Triumph dealer!!  (who also happens to be a Ducati dealer too). everyone will probabaly say "yeah we knew that, its old news" but just in case you didn't I thought I'd share it with you. :D  Part # 42540041B. Exactly same size and shape as Triumph one.

perhaps I'll start to ride like Nicky Hayden now! :ImaPoser
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PDF download of EBC's motorcycle catalog...

Here are part numbers for EBC brake pads for Tigers, available at any motorcycle dealer.  I order mine from the Ducati shop just down the road...

Front Left, VIN up to 71698 (organic pads)  FA 214
Front Left, VIN up to 71698 (sintered metallic pads)  FA 214 HH

Front Right, VIN up to 71698 (organic)  FA 215
Front Right, VIN up to 71698 (metallic)  FA 215 HH

Front, VIN 71699+ (organic)  FA 196
Front, VIN 71699+ (metallic)  FA 196 HH

Rear (organic)                               FA 215/2
Rear (metallic)                               FA 215/2 HH

Girlies, wire spoke wheels:
Front (organic pads)                       FA 196
Front (sintered metallic pads)          FA 196 HH

Rear (organic)                                FA 196
Rear (metallic)                               FA 196 HH

Girlies, cast wheels:
Front (organic pads)                       FA 196
Front (sintered metallic pads)          FA 196 HH

Rear (organic)                               FA 215/2
Rear (metallic)                               FA 215/2 HH

Roadies, 2007+
Front (sintered metallic pads)  FA 347 HH
Rear (metallic)  FA 214/2 HH

BRAKE PARTS Pistons and seals ... &cat=34955 ... -467-c.asp


EBC brake parts can be ordered from any motorcycle dealer.

PDF download for EBC's motorcycle catalog...

Cutting to the chase...

Front Left  MD 644 LS
Front Right  MD 644 RS

Rear  MD 645

Girlies, wire spoke wheels:
Front Left  MD 649 LS
Front Right  MD 649 RS

Rear  MD 643

Girlies, Cast Wheels:
Front Left  MD 676 LS
Front Right  MD 676 RS

Rear  MD 677

Roadies, 2007+
Front Left  MD 679 LS
Front Right  MD 679 RS

Rear  MD 663


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