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As per Abruzzi's suggestion, let's us build a tire guide thread.

To start, we'll stick with tires available for Steamers and Girlies in the neighborhood of 110-80x19 for the front, and 150-70x17 for the rear.  The Steamer and Girly share tire sizes with the Suzuki V-Strom and BMW R-1100, -1150, and -1200GS, so if you find tires advertised for those bikes, you're in luck.

Since 2007+ Tigers run 17-inch wheels front and rear, dual-sport tires are extremely limited.  However, sport and touring tires in this size are wide open.

Please feel free to post comments regarding tires with which you have experience.

Here's a Tire Size Cross-Reference Guide:

--- Quote from: "aeronca" ---found a user friendly cross ref chart on web bike world. ... e-data.htm
maybe stretch or abruzi could move this to the tire or parts sticky :) .   thanks,    eric
--- End quote ---

Metzeler Tourance ... uro_street

These are soon being replaced by the Tourance EXP, so if you want a set of the original Tourances, you'd better act fast.

Metzeler Tourance EXP ... uro_street

Tire reviews in a few of the bike magazines have reported that the EXP is a more street-oriented tire than the original Tourance... ... 20635.html

Michelin Anakee ... 29&lang=EN

Maxxis Presa Detour ... Front.aspx

A thread from ADVrider...


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