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How To Splice Wires And Solder

Started by Stretch, December 13, 2008, 10:50:29 PM

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I remember reading posts from a couple Brothers saying they didn't know how to solder and work on wiring, so maybe this will help.

Stolen from ADVrider.  It's not plagiarism if I give full acknowledgment, right?


Good link - I'm often surprised by how many people don't know how to solder. The critical thing is, as is said there, to heat the work so that it then melts the solder rather than using the iron to melt it.

You can get good results using those little pencil gas torches that are often for sale at autojumbles and the like.

Many people say that crimped joints are better, but that's only true if you have the expensive professional kit - whereas a £5 soldering iron from Maplins will allow you to do a perfect job. I still have a big roll of lead/tin electrician's solder which is probably a bit easier to use than the modern environmentally friendly stuff.

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My best soldering tools:

Nice little pencil torch   $19
Works great even when soldering in a wire bundle.  
Fits nicely in tool pouch also.

Good lead/tin solder like Ian mentioned.

Plenty of flux.
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