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Lumpy slow running

Started by Macsporran, June 10, 2018, 04:02:00 PM

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Need help! Had my tiger fully serviced valves, shims, the lot. Bike ran really nice with its little hunting tiger surge at low revs which has now turned into the lumpiest ride at low revs ever - it's like I have put kangaroo petrol! I need help! I need advice! I love my tiger 955i!

Chris Canning

At the risk of pointing out the obvious i'd Take it back to who did it before things get too complicated of sorting it yourself


Does the camchain/camshafts need separating at shim service.
Our Honda Car had a similar thing after the timing belt was fitted by a garage who got one cam out by a tooth.
It ran, but was sooo lumpy and uneven

Chris Canning

It's catch 22 if you've paid a.n.other to do the job the chances are you ain't going to be up to the job of fixing it yourself,it's either been put back together wrong or the vacuum pipes have split or the stepper has spat it's dummy out,but there's one thing for sure it'll have to come apart and start over.