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Installing Metal Fuel Fittings

Started by EvilBetty, February 20, 2009, 10:35:00 PM

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Tape it is then  :D
As long as I can finally ride without a leak, I'll be one happy dude!  8)


Help guys

I need to replace the plastic female fitting were can I purchase in the UK ?

And why do these things happen when you've no time to sort.
Rode home from London with fuel pissing every were and ran out!
And put in half a tank to limp home and get off on holiday shit.
£40.00 on fuel to get 40 miles and risk going up in flames good hoiliday and no flames  :D

Chris Canning

Tom Parker ... call=true&

Sounds like you got off light,we were 3 miles outside Dover on the way to Monza when they sheared off with a full tank,dumped the bike got hire car back 200 miles, home 11pm,reloaded bike gear onto another bike,got up 3.30am rode back to Dover,because the ticket was out of date by 12 hours had to buy another,met friends in Calais and rode to Switzerland in the rain did 770 miles that day on 3 hours of sleep,and 400 the day before,how Triumph have got away with those poxy plastic female couplings I'll never know.

When I phone up Tom Parker and asked for the two females,voice says you either a Triumph or a Harley  :wink:


Quote from: "Chris Canning"When I phone up Tom Parker and asked for the two females  :wink:

Sounds like a good nite in  :shock:  :ImaPoser  :ImaPoser

In Scotland, there`s no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes !! Billy Connolly
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Chris Canning

Quote from: "KuzzinKenny"
Quote from: "Chris Canning"When I phone up Tom Parker and asked for the two females  :wink:

Sounds like a good nite in  :shock:  :ImaPoser  :ImaPoser


Very good!!

Oh and having bought 2 new Triumph original replacements and then changed my mind and phoned Tom Parker up,his are cheaper,well they ain't his their American but you know what I mean  :D

Kraftsman 73

Quote from: "EvilBetty"Right like a girl could have ever figured that all out and posted a logical how to on the matter.  KIDDING!  :lol:

No... I'm just not very original and stole the name from a crappy movie I saw a few years ago...

EvilBetty:  Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002)

Are you kidding, Kung Pow, Enter the Fist is hilarious.  I have the move in my DVD collection.  The overdubbing is over the top.
On a side note, some mention the bike being top heavy.  During my short ownership, I have not noticed any top heaviness.  I have notice and am enjoying the nimble handling of my Tiger.  Still need to install the off road map to smooth out the low rpm stumbling.


First off, thanks EB for an excellent post. I snapped one of the female dry break connectors yesterday when working to balance the throttle bodies and flush the radiator. Probably about time as they are now 12 years old and I've had the tank off a couple dozen times. Glad it happened I guess, otherwise I would not have replaced them. Real glad it happened in the garage. Anyway, one good thing about them being plastic is that plastic melts! Another post recommended heating a flat-blade screwdriver that is wide enough to span the broken connector threads, sticking it in the connector where it will melt the plastic, and letting it cool and harden around the blade. I accelerated the cooling process by rubbing the screwdriver shaft with an ice cube in a paper towel. I then used channel locks on the screwdriver handle to remove the broken connector. Worked great for me. Used EB's technique of curved dental picks ($2 from Harbor Freight) and a brass brush to clean the threads. Since the plate was off the tank for a new fuel filter, I was able to flush out any old thread crap that fell into the tubes with water so that it didn't end up in the fuel rail/injectors.

I was able to remove the other fitting without breaking it, and decided to use it for a fuel line extension. Since the male fittings were already replaced, and the return fuel hose on the brake side was long enough to reach the tank when off the bike, I connected 18 inches of fuel line to the threaded part of the old female connector and purchased one male connector for the other end. Now I can easily connect the fuel lines to the tank (which straddles a towel-covered workmate perfectly) on the right (brake) side of the bike. My fuel pump connector was taped up with the fuel injector wires and wouldn't reach the tank on the right side, so I sliced the sheath back to the point about six inches from where the last injector wire was, cut off the connector there and spliced in about 12 inches of 16 G wire (,34014), covered the splices with shrink tube, and wrapped the whole length in electrical tape. Just to be super anal (as the bike goes nowhere if this connection fails) I ran the extended wire through a loom. I then looped it back and forth along the fuel rail using zip ties to secure. Now when I need to connect the tank when it's off the bike, I just cut the zip ties and clip in the one fuel line extension and I'm good to go!


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Fwiw, has crappy shipping and customer service. They lied about when they were shipping, and it will be 3 weeks from the time I ordered to the time I can install 2 weeks from order to "scheduled" delivery. I'm a little bit pissed.
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Not sure where you are located but I just received another set last week and they arrived three days later.


I'm in Utah. I got an email saying they were shipping on the 30th (I ordered on the 27th). I called them today and they said it didn't ship til the 4th and it's scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. 
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Got the parts for install this weekend. They apologized, and explained, so it's all good. :)
'02 Tiger.  She's the awesome sauce


Got it done finally! Did 250 miles yesterday with no gas smell at all. :)The old o-rings were a mess, so that was probably the problem.
'02 Tiger.  She's the awesome sauce


I know this thread has not been posted on for a while, but I just ordered a set of couplings from QuickCouplings and the elbows now come standard with Viton o-rings as opposed to Butan.


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