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Tigger Tyre Guide, Part II: 17-inch Roadies

Started by Stretch, February 20, 2008, 06:54:02 AM

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Hi I recently fitted conti road attack 2's to my tiger and they seem pretty good I haven't had any moments on them and the tread pattern is pretty funky as is the sidewalk decal. Also the rubber compound is grippy in it's own right as it has a rough finish to it as opposed to smooth. I don't race around like a loon but I don't pootle about either. I have never been off Tarmac with them other than a bit of grass at campsite, but I can't imagine they would be much good off road. Check out continentals website for more info, defo worth considering as a road tyre.


I've now got about 5K miles on a set of Shinko 705 r's.  Very good tires.  Very cheap prices.  The rear is just starting to develop a flat spot, but still has plenty of good tread.  The tires stick as well in the corners as anything I've had on the bike.  The only problem I have is a terrible head shake when I near 100 mph (which isn't very often).  With nearly 57K miles on the bike, I suspect it may have something to do with the head bearings.

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My 22 cents worth (2 cents + inflation) on this topic. IMHO the Roadie makes NO pretention of being even the slightest bit of an off (paved) road bike. Expensive plastic, small alloy wheels etc etc. The PO always used Michelin Pilot Roads and I got the bike with a fresh rear, and brand new front to put on. They work extremely well for what they are intended to do. I am happy.

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